This association of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Lodges of the District of Michigan, South-Central is formed to unite all Elks in closer bonds of fraternity, to further good fellowship among Lodges; to exchange ideas beneficial to this District and the Michigan Elks Association, and to bear true allegiance to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks of the United States of America.


Section 1. This conference shall be known as the District Conference for Michigan, #4360 South-Central of the Michigan Elks Association.


Section 1. Every Lodge in the District of Michigan, South-Central of the Michigan Elks Association in good standing with the Michigan Elks Association and the Grand Lodge of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the United States of America, shall be eligible to membership in this conference upon complying with its Constitution.

Section 2. Each member Lodge shall be entitled to representation to all meeting of the Conference whether regular or special, by its Exalted Ruler, Esteemed Leading Knight, Secretary, and its Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. It shall be entitled to one additional voting delegate for each 200 members of fraction thereof as shown by its last report of the Grand Lodge. In the absence of a delegate, an alternate delegate designated by the Exalted Ruler may act.

Section 3. All Past State Presidents and current elected officers of the Michigan Elks Association and Past District Deputies, in good standing in member Lodges, of this conference, shall be voting representatives-at-large at meetings of this Conference and unless designated as delegates, shall act only in advisory capacities to the Chairman and the Conference.

Section 4. In the event of tie ballot, on any issue, a new vote shall be held, without any new discussion. In the event the second vote results in a tie, the District Vice-President shall cast the deciding vote. This procedure shall be followed whether the vote is taken by a show of hands or by secret ballot. Excluding this situation, the District Vice-President shall no cast a vote.

Section 5. The delegates and an equal number of alternate delegates shall be annually elected or, at the direction of the Lodge, appointed by the Exalted Ruler at a regular meeting of each member Lodge. They shall hold office until their successors are elected or appointed.

Section 6. All Past Exalted Rulers of member Lodges who do not come within the above classification, and all alternate delegates not serving in the place of delegates, shall be entitled to all the privileges of delegates, except the right to vote.


Section 1. The Conference shall hold at least three meetings annually. A meeting shall be held no less than 30 days or more than 45 days prior to the fall and Spring Conventions of the Michigan Elks Association. The winter meeting shall be held in January of each year on either the second or third Sunday, unless changed by a majority of the Lodges.

Section 2. Special meeting of the Conference may be called by the District-President upon not less than 20 days notice in writing to member Lodges. The District Vice-President shall call a special meeting when petitioned in writing by a majority of the member lodges.

Section 3. Fifteen duly accredited delegates, representing not less than two-thirds (2.3) of the Lodges in the District shall constitute a quorum.

Section 4. The rotation of District meetings shall be by Lodge number and the schedule shall be, commencing with January 1998 meeting:

January 1998-----Lansing 196
April 1998-----Coldwater 1023
September 1998-----Sturgis 1381
January 1999-----Hillsdale 1575
April 1999-----Albion 1798
September 1999-----Hastings 1965
January 2000-----Howell 2168
April 2000-----Jackson 113
September 2000-----Battle Creek 131
January 2001-----Lansing 196
April 2001-----Coldwater 1023
September 2001-----Sturgis 1381
January 2002-----Hillsdale 1575
April 2002-----Albion 1798
September 2002-----Hastings 1965
January 2003-----Howell 2168
April 2003-----Jackson 113
September 2003-----Battle Creek 131

Section 5. At the fall District meeting bids will be opened for the hosting of the following events: State President's Night; the District Ritual Clinic and the District Contest. Bids shall remain open through the January meeting when they will be awarded or voted on if two or more are bidding for the same function. The District Ritual Clinic and the District Ritual Contest shall be bid as one function and both events shall be hosted by the same Lodge.

Section 6. At the winter District meeting bids will be opened for the next summer's golf outing to be scheduled for the last Saturday in July. Bids shall remain open through the April meeting when they will be awarded or voted on, if two or more Lodges are bidding for the golf outing. (See Attachment for recommended format.)

Section 7. In order to maintain a central location, the District Hoop Shoot in January will rotate between Albion Lodge and Jackson Lodge beginning with Jackson in 1998. The host Lodge will be reimbursed the actual expenses of the meals not to exceed $200.00.


The officers of this Conference shall be a Chairperson, Secretary-Treasurer, Chaplain, and Sergeant-at-arms. The nominations for the office of District Vice-P{resident and the office of District Vice-Chairman shall be opened at the District Fall meeting, in September, and shall remain open in to the January meeting. Nominees for both the Vice-President and the Vice-Chairman shall be recognized as a Past Exalted Ruler of their Lodge, as defined by the Grand Lodge Annotated Statutes having served as Exalted Ruler of their Lodge. The election of these officers shall be held at the winter meeting in January. The Chairperson shall appoint a Secretary-Treasurer, a Chaplain, and a Sergeant-at-arms and all officers elected or appointed shall serve for one year commencing at the conclusion of the Annual Spring meeting of the Michigan State Elks Association.

Section 2. The Vice-President shall preside at all meetings, decide all questions of order, subject to appeal to the Conference, appoint all committees not otherwise provided for and perform other such duties as may be required by him by action of the Conference. If for any reason the office of Vice-President of the South-Central District of Michigan shall become vacant the Secretary-Treasurer shall immediately notify the President of the Michigan State Elks Association of this fact and recommend that the Vice0-Chairman of this Conference be appointed as Vice-President of the South-Central District and upon such appointment he shall be considered elected as Vice-President of the District. A special meeting shall then be called immediately by the Vice-President to elect a Vice-Chairperson.

Section 3. The Vice-Chairman shall attend all meetings and assist the Vice-President in the performance of his duties and shall serve as the District Membership chairperson and make appropriate membership reports to the members at each Conference meeting. The Vice-Chairman shall preside at the annual District Budget meeting and shall call District Advisory board meetings and preside over the meetings when necessary. He shall also be responsible for the hospitality room at State Conventions.

Section 4. The Secretary-Treasurer shall attend all meetings of the District, keep proper minutes of the proceedings, preserve all books and documents, receive all money paid into the District and perform such other duties as are properly required of him/her. He/She shall pay out the money of the District as required by the By-Laws and as directed by motion and vote at District meetings. He/She shall maintain accurate accounts of all moneys so received and disbursed and shall make an accounting at the three District meetings. In no event shall disbursements exceed income during any given District year.

Section 5. The Sergeant at Arms shall attend all meetings and assist the officers in charge. He/She shall ascertain if all present are qualified to remain. He/She shall distribute and collect attendance forms from each Lodge and present same to the secretary-Treasurer. He/She shall introduce visiting dignitaries.

Section 6. In the absence of the District Vice-President, the District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler will preside at meetings of the Conference. In the absence of both, the District Vice-Chairperson shall preside.


Section 1. Proposed amendments to this constitution shall be submitted to the member Lodges in writing at least 30 days prior to any meeting of this District. It shall take two-thirds (2/3) majority of the member Lodges present to amend this constitution.


Section 1. Each member Lodge of this District shall pay dues annually.

Section 2. The amount to be billed on April 1st of each year shall be eleven cents 9$.11) for each member on the rolls. The membership figure shall be the same as reported on the March 31st Annual Report as submitted to Grand Lodge, Line 12. "TOTAL NUMBER OF ELKS ON ROLL." These District dues shall be payable to the Secretary-Treasurer and shall be used to defray the cost of conducting business by the District.

Section 3. The amount to be billed on October 1st of each year shall be thirty cents (.30) for each member on its rolls. The membership figure shall be the same as reported on the last Quarterly Report as submitted to Grand Lodge, Line 12, "TOTAL NUMBER OF ELKS ON ROLL." These District dues shall be payable to the Secretary-Treasurer and shall be used by the hosting Lodge for the next ritual contest. The money collected shall be paid over (transferred) not earlier than February 1st nor later than February 15th of each year. The District shall not incur any further expenses associated with the hosting of the ritual clinic or contest.

Section 4. Dissolution clause: In the event that the South-Central District #4360 of the Michigan Elks Association should ever be dissolved, the remaining funds would be distributed equally among the remaining Lodges.


Section 1. These By-Laws shall be reviewed and considered for corrections, additions, and deletions every five years. A two-member committee, from the same Lodge shall be appointed by the Vice-President, with at least one of the two appointees having served as District Vice-President.

Submitted January 11, 1998 by: Thomas W. Konkle PDDGER, Albion Lodge #1798 Roy (Hoagie) Hoaglin PDDGER, Albion Lodge #1798

By-Laws review is due by January 2003


The South-Central has a traveling trophy that was donated by Battle Creek Lodge #131 approximately four years ago. It is for this reason we suggest this format. We also do not want to put golf rules for the outing in the By-Laws, which is the reason for making it an attachment rather than law. The format is a very simple, as follows:

Two person teams both to hail from the same lodge.

Two person teams from different lodges will state which lodge they are representing before they tee off. This will determine which lodge, (if they win), receives the trophy.

Two person teams with Elk member Guest not from South Central District, (e.g. District Member/State President), are eligible for all prizes, give aways, etc. However, they are not eligible to win the Traveling Trophy.

Scoring format, course, tee times, etc. should be the choice of the hosting lodge.

This simple format suggestion is for the purpose of accommodating the Traveling Trophy.

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